We think a 'proper' Estate Agents job is not just to sell houses, rather it is to move people.


Moving anything is often complicated, can be fraught with difficulty and have unforeseen consequences. Just think about moving twin six-year-olds singlehandedly from home to school every morning, or moving a central heating boiler, or moving a herd of sheep from one hillside to another. It all takes planning, patience, knowhow, experience and resolve. It means expecting the unexpected, problem solving and, when other people are involved, the highest level of tact and diplomacy.

I don't know about you, but if I wanted to move a herd of sheep I would hire a shepherd. In a way, that's what Vince Taylor Tofts do. We arrange for something with lots of moving parts - each with a mind of its own - to end up where it should be on the date it is supposed to be there.

Vince Taylor Tofts shepherd people, contracts, surveys, mortgages, removals, withdrawals, gazundering, false starts, disappointments, the unforeseen and triumphs from one place to another.

Sometimes it's a smooth process. But all too often it isn't. You may not think it's worth paying for a shepherd at the beginning. But believe us, at the end, when it has been sheeting down with rain all day, the quad bike has broken down, a fox snatched a lamb and a large group of unreasonable ewes made a long break for freedom you will think a shepherd is worth every penny.

Why choose Vince Taylor Tofts
to sell your home?

Moving people and families on to the next stage of their lives and making it as seamless and stress free as possible is a job we enjoy and think is well worth doing.

Come and talk to us about your next move.


Julian Vince, Director
Julian Vince


Richard Taylor MNAEA, Director
Richard Taylor MNAEA


Christopher Tofts, Director
Christopher Tofts


Louise Caple, Sales Co-Ordinator
Louise Caple

Sales Co-Ordinator

Charlie Salter, Sales Co-Ordinator
Charlie Salter

Sales Co-Ordinator

Nicky Bagge, Sales Co-ordinator
Nicky Bagge

Sales Co-ordinator

Advance to Mayfair

We invest in the best to market your home.

In addition to RIGHTMOVE and ON THE MARKET your property will be marketed through our associated London MAYFAIR OFFICE. This London connection is exclusive to Vince Taylor Tofts in Uckfield.

We also offer the best of both worlds with TEAM. Giving our clients all the advantages of an independently owned local firm, backed by the marketing power of a major nationwide chain.

We care about quality and assurance. Our director Richard Taylor MNAEA holds the industries professional qualification.

We adhere to the PROPERTY OMBUDSMAN code of practice for residential sales.

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